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Roxanne has been a member of ALVA since 1986. She spent two years on committee donating her time to the industry she loves and supports.

( The following comes from the ALVA website... )

In 1978, the idea of forming a ladies association within the variety industry was considered. The main thoughts for this was to unite the women in friendship and form an alliance to help others less fortunate than ourselves within our ranks.

Membership was opened to female entertainers, the wives of male entertainers, retired performers and the wives of retired performers. We had a number of honorary members, which included Sadie Gale (the wife of Roy Rene) Maude Meredith (radio's Auntie Maude), Jenny Howard (the retired English comedienne) and Muriel Haines (the wife of song & dance man, Jimmy Haines). Over the years we have opened up the membership to others in the industry and also have associate members, such as Rita Barnett (Cornish) who are not entertainers, but who have helped ALVA tirelessly over the years.

With the patronage of Dame Vera Lynn, who visited Australia every year at that stage, The Australian Ladies Variety Association was inaugurated in early March 1979. Dame Vera gave us numerous helpful fundraising tips and has supported us constantly through the years. Since then we are very honoured to have as our esteemed patrons Dame Vera Lynn, D.B.E.,LL.D., Mrs Margaret Whitlam A.O., Lady Joan Hardy and Lady Sonia McMahon.

Many fundraisers were held, including nights on the Lane Cove River Boat, our gigantic Art Union , Variety Gala Balls, Luncheons, Variety Shows, Banquets, Trivia Nights, Theatre Parties and many other great fun events which brought both men and women of our industry together on a great social level.

Over the past few years ALVA has unbelivable success with their famous Race Day which is held at Canterbury Park Racecourse organised by Maria Venuti and Kathy Watson. This has been seen to be our biggest fundraiser over many many years. It is such a highly successful day and takes alot of organisation on Maria and Kathy's behalf organising sponsors and prizes and the whole running of the day. We thank them for their invaluable support in organising this very very special day. We look forward to holding another Race Day hopefully in 2006!!

Over the past 26 years, and many fundraisers later, ALVA has not only helped hundreds of our people physically and financially it also is very community based and has helped many other organisations such as The Garvan Institute with it’s research into Ovarian Cancer. We are also great supporters of Professor Broe and his research into our aging diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

ALVA donated $10,000 in 2004 which has enabled the Aging Research Centre to employ a partime ALVA Research Assistant in 2005! This position was taken up by Jill Groth who was lured out of retirement as she had previously worked with Professor Broe. ALVA has also supported The Actors Benevolent Fund where they also made a substantial donation in 2004 and more recently we have shown our support to The McGrath Breast Cancer Foundation at their luncheon in 2005.

The Australian Ladies Variety Association Inc. is very proud of the fact that it is the most influential and financially stable and respected organisation of it's kind in Australia.
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