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About Stephen
If you're listening to, and singing along with the exercises on Roxanne's Exercise CD, you will have already heard Stephen play, albeit in a tightly controlled circumstance. Roxanne and Stephen teach together as ScoopFX Music Tuition, as well as play together as Cover Me.

An accomplished pianist and vocalist, Stephen plays all the major nitespots of Sydney, as well as touring internationally. Find out more about him on

Some players just won't stick to one instrument and Stephen is one of them. He has played for years around the traps as a piano and guitar-based One-Man Band.

Combining with his beautiful and talented wife Roxanne produces the exciting and harmonic sound of COVER ME, the popular duo which can been heard and seen performing all around Australia.

For the piano student who has some knowledge of music theory and practice and who wants to play the blues, pop country or swing-style piano, Stephen has a method which suits students at any level.

Stephen has students ranging from complete beginners to those who play well, but are looking to improve their overall knowledge.

The bass guitar plays an integral part in the sound of a band. Together with drums/percussion, it is the driving instrument, providing the rhythmic bed of the modern song.
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