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In 1997, Roxanne was approached by Greg Grainger, who was putting together a documentary episode for Channel Seven Sydney's "World Around Us" program. The documentary concerned the famous Australian landmark, the Jenolan Caves.

After having visited a number of schools and Sydney choirs, Grainger believed he had found the "sound" he was looking for, within Roxanne's student choir, Masque Voice, which at that time included Delta Goodrem, Lama Kisirwani and Adam Saunders amongst a talented group of twenty five students, ranging in age from nine to eighteen years, at the Australian College Of Entertainment.

Greg liked the song "We Need A Miracle" which Roxanne had composed previously, but after discussing the project, Roxanne was inspired to compose a song specifically for the film shoot, which was to take place within the caves.

The resulting song, "Binomea", which is the local Aboriginal term for the Caves was performed by the choir three days after Roxanne pitched the idea to Grainger. Three days in which to write, arrange and rehearse a 25 piece choir for a finished shoot! No wonder he was impressed.

And so, on September 14, 1997, among the stalactites and stalagmites of the Jenolan Caves, Masque Voice Choir performed "Binomea" within the hauntingly beautiful atmosphere of the Jenolan Caves, captured on documentary film and broadcast nationally later that year to rave reviews.
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